Our long term time-lapse systems have been used on everything from construction and demolition sites, through regeneration and landscaping projects, to events and music festivals. The systems can be set up quickly and remain fixed in place for any length of time, from just a few days to many years. Each system is highly configurable and tailored to your individual requirements, and produces stunning 4K images and films. After installation we offer full technical support. If camera locations require adjustment during the project, this can usually be arranged.

What Do We Mean By Long Term Time-lapse?

With long term time-lapse, a member of our team visits your site with a time-lapse system and installs this in a fixed location on your site. As with all of our time-lapse systems, our long term systems are fully bespoke, so wherever your site and whatever your project, we can help. Learn more >

The system remains in place for the duration of the project, whether that is one or two weeks, or many, many years (some of our projects have lasted over a decade). During this time, we provide full technical support, and you have access to our full range of time-lapse tools.

After completion of the project, we edit the footage into a short time-lapse film usually 2-5 minutes in length. Our bespoke editing service allows us to add introductory sequences, company logos, music, commentary, captions, additional filming and/or drone footage and anything else you may require, and means you can be as involved or as hands off as you’d like. Learn more >

Please see the sections below for more information about our long term time-lapse systems systems, and contact us today if you’d like to hear more.

Full Technical Support

We are there whenever you need us, providing full technical support for the duration of your project, be that a few days, months or years.

Remote Monitoring
Our unique monitoring system allows us to keep an eye on your camera
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Remote maintenance
Our remote contact with your camera reduces the need for site visits
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Remote support
If site working hours change, we can adjust the camera timings to reflect this
Learn more >

Camera Moves
If camera locations require adjustment during the project, this can be arranged
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Specific Responsibility
A specific engineer will be responsible for your camera(s), and will monitor these
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Additional Services
Should you require extra cameras, update films or aerial filming, just let us know
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A Range of Tools

Our tools allow you to make full use of your time-lapse footage, throughout your project and beyond.

Final time-lapse films
Our final edited time-lapse films are produced by experienced editors with as much or as little input from you as you’d like
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Update time-lapse films
Update films can be supplied by contacting the camera remotely, without a site visit, and often within a few days
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Live Link
Use your secure link to view the latest live image from site and stay connected, from anywhere, on your laptop, tablet or mobile device
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Image Gallery
View and search all of your images from your project so far on our image gallery
Learn more >

View all of your images from your project so far on our image gallery
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Send the live link to anyone via your email or social media messaging service
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Our footage creates a stunning visual record of your project
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Download and compare images from any time point during the build
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Download any images from your project so far, and use these as you’d like
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Use your downloaded images as social media or email updates
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Super Zoom
Our 4K footage can be zoomed in far beyond the basic zoom level to view specific details of a project
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Your downloaded images can be edited using standard software, so you can add text or highlight areas as needed
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Additional Extras

Incorporating drone or on-site filming can provide an added interest to your final film, and can provide stunning footage for promotional or marketing material.

Enhance your time-lapse film with our stunning aerial footage
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Use our superb on-site filming to give your film that added extra
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Uses of Long Term Time-lapse

Our 4K long term time-lapse system creates incredible footage that is ideal for:

  • Promotional films from large and small scale projects (from festivals and marketing events to big engineering projects)
  • Historical documentation
  • Streaming straight from your website as a powerful marketing tool
  • Public engagement

We have provided long duration time-lapse for clients in a wide range of market sectors, including but not limited to those below. Please see the sections below to find out more about each of these.

Long Term Time-lapse for Construction

Construction projects are probably what time-lapse is most known for, and as you’d expect we have worked on many projects over the years. Learn more >

Long Term Time-lapse for Demolition

Our cameras are ideal for demolition time-lapse projects, and our vast experience of these make us the ideal choice for your project. We have recorded many demolition projects over the years, ranging from small projects lasting just a week to huge technical projects like the Battersea gas holders demolition lasting several years. Learn more >

Long Term Time-lapse for Landscaping And Public Realm

Often people associate time-lapse with construction of buildings, but not with the associated landscaping or with public realm works. However, these can look spectacular from above, with landscaping in particular appearing transformative on screen. Learn more >

Long Term Time-lapse for Regeneration

We have been involved in many regeneration projects over the years, many of which have been transformative for the area and the people who live there. Having a live link to these projects as the work unfolds can be extremely engaging for residents who might be affected by the on-going works, but who will ultimately benefit from the final result, and capturing these life-changing projects for posterity can be particularly important for the people involved in them. Learn more >

Long Term Time-lapse for Events

It’s not just construction projects that can be recorded by time-lapse, but all sorts of other events as well, from music festivals and launch parties, to golf championships and tree planting. Whatever your project, we have the skills and experience to capture it’s magic for posterity – and to create a film that can be used to advertise the event next year! Learn more >

More Examples

Below is another small selection of our long term time-lapse projects. For more examples please visit our Vimeo page, YouTube channel or our Gallery section.

Not Quite Right?

If long term time-lapse is not quite what you are looking for, maybe our short term time-lapse systems might be more what you need? Learn more >

Or, maybe it’s drone or aerial filming you are after? Learn more >

Or, perhaps film production? Learn more >

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