Time-lapse for Demolition Projects

Our cameras are ideal for demolition time-lapse projects, and our vast experience of these make us the ideal choice for your project. 

We have worked with many demolition companies over the past 10 years and produced a large number of time-lapse films for them and their clients. These have ranged from small projects lasting just a week to huge technical projects like the Battersea gas holders demolition lasting several years. Please see the examples below.

Our engineers are fully trained and have CSCS cards, IPAF and PASMA certification.

demolition time-lapse
Borough High Street Demolition Time-lapse

Example 1: Demolition of 64-66 Wigmore Street

The Wigmore Street project was a challenging site due to it’s Central London location. However, after carrying out a site survey with the client, our engineers were able to advise on the ideal location for the camera, and this was placed on a neighbouring residential building, meaning it was able to remain in the same location for the whole duration of the demolition.

Example 2: Demolition of Battersea Gas holders

The Battersea gas holders project initially appeared difficult as there were no buildings available overlooking the site, however, our team were able to identify and utilise some existing CCTV camera towers that were located around the perimeter of the site. Alternatively we could have built tilt towers instead. In all, 4 time-lapse cameras were deployed, and a member of our team also paid regular visits to the gas holders to carry out additional filming.

Example 3: Bracknell Town Centre – Demolition of the Northern Area

In preparation for the regeneration of Bracknell town centre, back in 2014 a large area of the town was initially demolished. We used a single time-lapse camera to capture work across the entire site, and watched as the work progressed and the buildings came down.

More examples

Please visit our gallery pages to see some examples of our time-lapse projects

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