Film production

Film content remains a vibrant and exciting communication and marketing tool, and we can create exciting products for you of any length for your needs. From promotional films for your company, hotels or apartments, to event films, which can be shared over the internet via various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to name just a few, and be seen by millions in seconds. The film production team at Regenology have the skills to help guide you through the whole process.

Our film productions can be used for:

Streaming on your website
Your social media accounts
Supplementing time-lapse

We provide a solution that covers all stages of producing an effective end product, including:

Working with you on all stages of the project, from the initial ideas right through to the finished film.
Sourcing suitable locations for your interviews.
Film editing and manipulation of the film to suit your potential multiple needs.
Online streaming solutions; we will use our social media to help get your film out to the world once completed.

Our Projects

Here is a small selection of our most recent film production projects. For more examples please visit our Vimeo page, YouTube channel or our Gallery section.

The purpose of our films varies from client to client, and so do the platforms that they are shared on and used for, it depends entirely on your needs. We will offer full technical support and will be sure to be hands on throughout the project . Please contact us for more information.