On-site Filming to Supplement Time-lapse

Film content remains a vibrant and exciting communication and marketing tool, and can be a stunning addition to time-lapse footage. Whether you choose regular on-site filming of your construction site, final filming of your completed project, or interviews to support your time-lapse film, we’re there for you. The film production team at Regenology have the skills and experience to help guide you through the whole process.

Stunning Footage

Our film cameras create stunning footage that you can share with your clients, marketing team and the public, or just keep for your own record.

On-site Filming Examples

Below are some examples where time-lapse has been supplemented by additional on-site filming. As you will see, on-site filming, either during or at the end of a construction project, can really support and enhance a time-lapse film.

Example 1: Gatwick Diamond Office Block

We used a long term time-lapse camera to capture the construction of the four storey Gatwick Diamond office block, and used onsite filming of the completed building to complete the film.

Example 3: Sutton Bathroom Pods

In order to film the replacement of two bathroom pods on the St. Helliers Estate in Sutton, we used short duration time-lapse cameras, additional filming throughout the day, and interviews.

Example 2: Humming Bird Motors launch party

To capture the opening of a new Humming Bird Motors showroom, we used several short term time-lapse cameras as well as additional filming to record both the setup of the event and the party itself.

Example 4: The Village Hotel

To record the construction of the Village Hotel in Portsmouth we used a long duration time-lapse camera. We then the hotel to film the internal finish once the work was completed.

With You From Start to Finish

We work with you on all stages of the project to provide a solution that covers all stages of producing an effective end product, including:

  • Working with you at the initial ideas stage to plan your film
  • Script writing
  • Planning and sourcing suitable locations for your interviews
  • Full bespoke editing and manipulation of the final film to suit your potential multiple needs
  • Full technical support
  • Incorporating drone and time-lapse footage as required
  • Providing solutions for online streaming
  • Using our social media to help get your film out to the world once completed

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mick Williamson , Managing Director at Fortem said “Regenology have been an excellent company to work with. The team managed to seamlessly capture the whole process despite the quick turnaround and many different aspects of each pod replacement. They offered suggestions which largely improved the quality of the video and allowed us all to see the scheme from a whole new perspective. We would recommend working with Regenology for their professionalism, innovative ideas and high quality end result.”

Want to Add On-site Filming to Your Construction Project?

It’s never too late to add additional filming to your project, so please contact us today to discuss how this could enhance your time-lapse film!

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