Training and Handover Videos

The handover of new buildings or extensions to existing buildings often involves showing new users how to operate the facilities, and as part of this process we are increasingly working with companies to create training videos and “How to” guides for buildings.

Training video - boiler room

As the new staff (facility/building managers, cleaners and others) are trained on the use of key facilities around the site (e.g. security system, boiler room), we follow the process, filming the training and creating short videos of each item. This allows the trainees to dip in and out of the films as reminders in the future.

Training Videos – How does the process work?

After discussing your requirements, a member of our team visits site once the construction work is completed, and films the contractors discussing the amenities and facilities, explaining where these are located and how they are operated. This training often covers everything from how to open the windows and isolate the water supply, to how the fire system works and how the boiler room operates.

Training video - isolation of water

As mentioned above, we have found that filming is often requested at the same time as the on-site training that is taking place as part of the handover of the new building. This means contractors do not have to visit site twice, and is something we are very happy to work with.

Once the filming is complete, our editors edit the footage into short clips, which are provided to you in a digital folder. Either this folder or individual clips can then be provided to the new facilities managers as part of the handover of the new building. The films can be used by these managers as a reference following any on-site training they may have had, and kept for use to train future staff who may join their facilities team later.

What Our Clients Say

Mick Williamson , Managing Director at Fortem said “Regenology have been an excellent company to work with. The team managed to seamlessly capture the whole process despite the quick turnaround and many different aspects of each pod replacement. They offered suggestions which largely improved the quality of the video and allowed us all to see the scheme from a whole new perspective. We would recommend working with Regenology for their professionalism, innovative ideas and high quality end result.”

Interested in Training Videos for Your New Building?

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Other Uses of our Filming Services:

As well as training and handover videos, our filming services have many other uses – film remains an important and vibrant marketing tool, and the uses are varied and wide-ranging. For example, films can be used for:

  • Guiding new residents around a housing block, explaining where amenities are located and how facilities are operated (e.g. how to isolate water)
  • Welcoming residents and their families to a new care home, showing the facilities and amenities and helping them to settle in
  • Showing off the completed building, including key amenities and design features, to key stakeholders, investors and the public

Please visit our Film Production page for lots of examples of our filming work and the uses of this! | 0151 3290 918