Our Time-lapse Tools

Our time-lapse service is about so much more than the final time-lapse film – our tools keep you connected with your site, and engaged with your target audience, and updated with progress.

Out time-lapse tools: Live View

Stay Connected with Our Live View

Our time-lapse tools: Gallery

View – Image Gallery

View and search every one of your images from your project so far on our online image gallery. The gallery includes a calendar function to allow you to select a particular date from any stage during the project, and view all of the images from this date. You can then download these images and use them however you would like.

Download and Edit

Use the image gallery to download any images from your project so far, edit these to add text or highlight areas of interest, then email them to clients or investors as visual project updates, upload them to your social media, or include them in briefings and presentations.


Keep everyone connected and on the same page by using your live link to share the latest image from your site with clients, investors, or colleagues. Share the link via your email or social media messaging service, or embed it on your website or social media page as a key public engagement tool.

Our 4K footage can be zoomed in far beyond the basic zoom level to view specific details of a project, so you can zoom in on your downloaded images to see exactly what is going on on-site.

Embed, Engage and Live Link

Embed your live link on your website or social media page to create a live stream to use as a key public engagement tool. This will enable anyone affected by the build to view progress on site and remain interested and engaged in the project, whether they are your intended visitors, residents or students, who may use the building in future, current users or the local community who may be affected by the building work on a day-to-day basis, or the wider public, who may be interested for other reasons. Your link also allows you to have a permanent display of the live stream on your internal digital screens, to keep colleagues and visitors up to date on progress.

Compare – Before and After Shots

Use the image gallery to download and compare images from any time point during the build, to create visual updates showing before and after a certain date and to demonstrate how the project has progressed over time.


Everything that happens in view of the camera is recorded locally, in 4K, and backed up to the our secure server. Your entire project is available to view from your image gallery, whenever you want. There is never any need to wait around for access to your images.

View – All of Your Projects in One Place

Use your live links to create live views of all of your projects in one place, so you can keep an eye on everywhere without ever leaving the office!

Our time-lapse tools: Update

Update – Unedited Update Films

Time-lapse films are about more than just marketing, they can be an integral part of site communications. Our clients use them to provide updates or progress reports to investors or end users, in briefings or in email bulletins. We can supply these unedited update films by contacting the camera remotely, without a site visit, and often within just a few hours. If regular update films are required (e.g. every month), then this can easily be arranged.

Impress – Edited Final Films

Our final edited time-lapse films are produced by experienced editors with as much or as little input from you as you’d like, and produce a stunning record of your project, and are fantastic as a promotional tool to impress people, encourage further investment, support future tenders or just as a visual record of a job well done. Learn more >

Additional Services

Our ability to provide time-lapse, drone, on-site filming and interviews and incorporate all of these into your final film along with titles, logos, captions and anything else you may want means that we can provide that added extra when it comes to a visual record of your project.

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