Time-lapse for Construction Projects

Construction projects are probably what time-lapse is most known for, and as you’d expect we have worked on many projects over the years. A few of the most interesting projects can be seen in the examples below.

Example 1: London City Island Development

London City Island is a stunning new development, which includes 1706 residential homes over a land area of 48,563sq. 61,500sq metres for commercial use, 13,300sq m of retail space and 74,700sq m of leisure facility. Regenology had fixed cameras capturing long duration time-lapse footage during the work, and one of our team also made regular visits to site to film additional short duration time-lapse from different various angles, which really captures the true detail of the construction.

Example 2: Little Lane Assisted Living Apartments

For the Little Lane assisted living apartments project, we used a long duration time-lapse camera to record footage of the construction process, then visited site to take some additional filming of the completed building and the external landscaping. We completed the film with some stunning drone footage of the site.

Example 3: Gatwick Diamond Office Block

With a construction value of £19million, the four storey office development doesn’t disappoint. Gatwick Diamond has a fantastic glass look from the outside and also the inside. The brilliantly designed reception area gives you a great introduction to the building as the first thing you see is the rays of light shining through the glass and onto the walls. We used a time-lapse to capture the construction, and were also invited to provide additional filming the completed building.

Example 4: Blackheath High School

We film many schools being built, and Blackheath High was one of these. Our time-lapse camera captured the build from start to finish, and we also visited the completed school to record aerial and additional internal footage to complete the final film.

Example 5: Met Office Supercomputer

Completed in October 2016, the new Met Office Supercomputer is a new £20million construction that will give the Met Office unrivalled expertise in climate models and weather forecasting. We used a long duration time-lapse camera to capture this the construction of this spectacular building.

Example 6: The Village Hotel

In order to record the construction of the Village Hotel in Portsmouth we used a long duration time-lapse camera. We then returned to the hotel to film the internal finish once the work was completed. The hotel benefits from 153 rooms, conference facilities and a leisure club with a 20m swimming pool, gym and fitness studios.

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time-lapse for construction time-lapse for construction