Time-lapse for Music Festivals

Secret Garden Party is a British music festival in Abbots Ripton, Cambridge and we were lucky enough to work with them three times, providing time-lapse and additional filming and creating films of their events. Our solar powered long term time-lapse cameras were on site for two weeks prior to the festival while set up was taking place and then throughout the three-day events. We also had specialists at the festivals themselves, producing short term time-lapses as the festival unfolded.

Every year Secret Garden Party comes back with an exciting theme for the festivalgoers, or ‘gardeners’, as they are known at the festival, ranging from ‘Childish Things’ to ‘The Gardeners Guide to the Galaxy’, which means that the festival is full of amazing sites to capture. It was a lot of fun to work on these films, and we hope you enjoy watching them.

Recording music festivals and other events with time-lapse can be a great way to capture footage that can be used to promote next years event. And remember, as well as time-lapse, we can provide on-site filming services to enhance your final film. We can also provide you with all of the with unedited footage, should you wish to use a different marketing company to produce your adverts or promotional films.

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Time-lapse for music festivals

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