The Use of Multiple Time-lapse Cameras

It goes without saying really, but one camera captures one view of a site. This isn’t always enough, and sometimes multiple time-lapse cameras are better than one – we have discounts available if you would like more!

use of multiple time-lapse cameras

Sometimes extra views of a large project can really help to capture the full extent of what is going on. When filming the demolition of Battersea gasholders, we used four different cameras to capture the holders from all angles.

Often sites are complex or extensive, with multiple buildings going up and landscaping, gardens or play areas being created as well, and for these, additional cameras to cover additional areas or buildings can provide added interest to a final film.

On other projects, buildings are being built in phases, and clients are interested in capturing a particular phase or aspect of the build process in more detail. Sometimes a certain aspect is using a novel technique that requires recording for future. In these situations, a temporary or short term additional camera can be helpful. Your final film can smoothly transition from overall view to focus in on detail for a while, and back out again, making for an interesting effect.

Or perhaps the internal fit out would be worth capturing as well as the external build process? In which case, an additional internal camera can work very well for adding that little bit of gloss to your final film.

Footage from multiple cameras can be combined into your final film to create an interesting and engaging film, or used to create separate films of different aspects of the build.

Example 1: Demolition of Battersea Gas holders

The Battersea gas holders project involved 4 permanent time-lapse cameras as well as regular time-lapse visits to the site to capture what was going on each month. As you can see, the use of different camera angles really makes for a captivating final film.

Example 2: Royton Leisure Centre

At Royton Leisure Centre, we used an external time-lapse camera to capture the building of the leisure centre itself, and an additional internal time-lapse camera to capture the installation of the swimming pool. The film was finished off with additional internal filming of the completed and newly opened centre. Capturing both the internal and external works resulted in an interesting final film.

Example 3: Blackhorse Lane

A series of small changes signal the beginning of the renewal of Blackhorse Lane and the regeneration of the area. New kerbs, paving and planting emphasise the entrances of Blackhorse Lane’s industrial estates and the Wetlands, and decorative paving slabs direct visitors to local points of interest. We used two time-lapse cameras and utilised our ability to zoom to good effect in this film of the works.

Discounts for Multiple Cameras

We have additional camera discounts available, and extra cameras can be installed at any time during your project, so get in touch with us today – whether you want 1, 2 or 10 fixed cameras, or a just single temporary additional camera, we’ve got you covered! | 0151 3290 918