Completed Projects

Bourne Business Park

Bourne Business Park is a new state of the art office space development in Weybridge, Surrey. The two-stage development has given new office space totalling 90,000sq ft, a new cafe, and a 470 space car park.

The development is split into two four-story buildings, one at 50,000sq ft and the other at 40,000sq ft. Volker-Fitzpatrick completed construction earlier this year after just 58 weeks.

Regenology installed 1 time-lapse camera to record the entire process. Installed August 2015 and de-rigged in February 2017. And 116,000 photo’s later…we can bring you the completed film in just 3 minutes!

Get in touch now to hear about our time-lapse and film production services, we’d love to hear about any projects have coming up and see how we can help!