Sutton Bathroom Pods

Fortem were chosen by Sutton Housing Partnership to carry out 110 bathroom pod replacements on the St. Helliers Estate in Sutton, and we were there, on the 25h of October 2016 to film exactly how the pods are replaced! Fortem developed a purpose-built lifting frame with their supply chain to remove the old bathrooms in just one lift. Meaning that they could perform multiple lifts on the same day, with residents left without their facilities for just a matter of hours.

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Due to the content of asbestos, the old Pods are then bagged up and removed from site before being dismantled in controlled conditions.

With the help of Fortem’s supply chain, everything was clearly arranged, from road closures and traffic management to lifting and disposing of existing pods

New bathroom pods, weighing 2 tonnes, are built off-site and shipped to the estate by lorry early morning, ready for installation.

Fortem developed a bespoke helical piling solution with Building Control to ensure suitable foundation were in place before lift day, minimising the impact of works on the resident.

In a smooth and streamline workflow, our visit to the St.Helliers estate in Sutton was really interesting day, a great privilege to be asked to record this amazing process.

Mick Williamson , Managing Director at Fortem said “Regenology have been an excellent company to work with. The team managed to seamlessly capture the whole process despite the quick turnaround and many different aspects of each pod replacement. They offered suggestions which largely improved the quality of the video and allowed us all to see the scheme from a whole new perspective. We would recommend working with Regenology for their professionalism, innovative ideas and high quality end result.”

The overall process of replacing two bathroom pods was only one day long…but you can see how it all happens in just 4 and a half minutes!

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Sutton Bathroom Pods from Regenology on Vimeo.