The Rise School – Feltham

The Rise School in Feltham is our latest Time Lapse project. The construction is the latest of the modular built projects by the Mcavoy Group.

The Mcavoy group produce modular constructions that not only look fantastic, but can be built at quite a rate!

“ McAvoy is the forward-thinking, off-site construction provider embracing the future of the industry.  With vigour and enthusiasm through our niche offering of 3D modular and 2D panel system builds.”

This isn’t just any school though…

“The Rise School educates and supports children and young people with autism, aged 4-19 years, enabling them to access a broad and challenging curriculum alongside pupils at mainstream school.”

“At the same time as concentrating on our pupils’ academic and social learning, we focus strongly on the transition to adult life, working with pupils and their families to maximise access to further and higher education and employment. We have high expectations for our pupils, focusing not just on where they are aged six or 16, but also on where they will be aged 30.”

The Rise School was another excellent project that we were delighted to be involved with. Not only does the project look eye catching from the outside, but the furnishing and completion of the inside is also to a very high standard, something that we also had the privilege of capturing with our end of project filming service that you can see in the film below!

Enjoy and please feel free to share!

The Rise School

The Rise – Feltham from Regenology on Vimeo.