Lesnes to Crossness – Big Green Fund Project

Peabody have completed their latest project, the Lesnes to Crossness Big Green Fund Project. The area, which has been named Southmere Square, has undergone major redevelopment, having now been transformed into a beautiful park featuring a play area and seating with a stunning view over Southmere Lake.

The project is part of a much larger scale regeneration plan, Peabody’s neighbourhood improvement programme to regenerate Thamesmead and improve and enhance the green spaces.

The project already seen many improvements, including 5000 shrubs being planted, canals cleaned and 200 lights replaced in South Thamesmead.

Thamesmead has an abundance of green space, a total of 150 hectares, which is more than double the average amount of green space per person in London. This just shows how important keeping these areas fresh and clean is.

Our Time Lapse camera captured the entire project from start to finish and it’s facilitating to see how the regeneration came together! Scroll down to see the film and see how the project progressed!

Lesnes to Crossness – Big Green Fund Project from Regenology on Vimeo.