Derby Stem

Here’s another project that we have recently had the pleasure of capturing with our Time-Lapse photography and filming! Completed in February 2017, the University of Derby, STEM building is a new 4200 square metre building for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and has been fitted with state of the art equipment, facilities, and laboratories

The new £8million STEM building comes at the perfect time, with an 8 percent increase in students studying engineering coming recently.

The world’s leading sustainability assessment, BREEAM, has given the STEM building a rating of ‘Very good’, putting it right up there with the best on the sustainability scale.

We had our cameras out on site for the entirety and went back on completion for some filming! You can see the construction process and how the project looked when it was fully completed in our 3-minute film below!

Derby Stem from Regenology on Vimeo.