Abbey Pynford – Denmark Street Building lift

This was quite simply one of the most interesting projects that we have worked on to date. The lift and movement of a listed building to make way for the construction of the next!

Abbey Pynford Geo Structures are a multi-award winning design and build foundation engineering company. With techniques developed and honed over 28 years of operations; they are able to offer efficient and effective solution to any ground engineering problem.

We provide all aspects of film production, including Filming, Time-Lapse, photography, sound recording and interviews! We work with you to plan the most efficient way to capture everything that you need recorded on the day! With competitive rates and our expert team, we are all you need to create a professional film.

These skills were recently called upon to save a listed Victorian Smithy in central London.

Abbey Pynford Geo Structures were commissioned to undertake the design, sequence development and execution of this complex construction scheme to underpin, lift and move the Smithy on 31st August 2016, and we were there to film the whole thing, from attaching the lift cables, to placing the smithy on the temporary foundation.

The building was relocated to a nearby temporary foundation designed and constructed by Abbey Pynford Geo Structures; enabling a large substructure piling project to progress.

The building shall be returned in 2017! What an amazing project and perfectly executed. The lift itself was all done in the space of a day, but as usual, you can see the day unfold in under two minutes… take a look!