Demolition time-lapse

Demolition time-lapse

Our cameras are ideal for demolition time-lapse projects. Once installed, they remain in place until the work is complete. The camera takes a picture every one to three minutes, and you and your clients can see the latest picture via a web link. This is ideal for keeping an eye on the site from wherever you are. Our cameras can run off a variety of power sources including 240v, 110V CTE and even solar panels, so wherever your site is, we have a solution that will work for you. At the end of the project we produce a stunning time-lapse film of the whole process.

Our vast experience of making demolition time-lapse films make us the ideal choice for your project. Our engineers are fully trained and have CSCS cards, IPAF and PASMA certification.

demolition time-lapse

Borough High Street Demolition Time-lapse

Examples of demolition time-lapse

We have worked with many demolition companies over the past 10 years and produced a large number of time-lapse films for them and their clients. These have ranged from small projects lasting just a week to huge technical projects like the Battersea gas holders demolition.

The video below is just one of many we have produced.

Please contact us for more information or to get a quick quote. Our team will be happy to help. We can also usually carry out installations at short notice too, so give us a call now. We offer both long and short duration time-lapse solutions.

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